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  • Year: 2007
  • Current Price: US$ 182,000 Tax Paid
  • Located in Green Cove Springs, FL
  • Hull Material: Fiberglass
  • Engine/Fuel Type: Single diesel
  • YW# 18824-3968128

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NEW LISTING!  2007 MARLOW-HUNTER 45 CC  "Academie 20/80"
The Marlow-Hunter 45 Center Cockpit replaced the popular 456 and sales clearly indicated that this model picked up where the 456 left off. Like all Hunters, the 45CC contains design inspiration by company founder Warren Luhrs. However, the boat has Glenn Henderson's fingerprints all over it. Henderson is Hunter's director of engineering and chief designer.

"To design a center cockpit is something of a challenge because of the location of the cockpit," he said. "We took a long time playing with floorboard height, the flow of the boat fore and aft and the center of gravity. If you look at the 45CC from the side it is hard to tell it's a center cockpit because it's so sleek and streamlined." Naturally Henderson is a tad biased but I must admit his comments are right on the mark.

In keeping with all his designs, Henderson worked hard to keep the overall profile low. The wraparound windshield and soft deck contours give the boat a contemporary look and yet there is something purposeful and practical about the design that I like. Like all big Hunters the boat is comfortable, yet the 45CC is designed and engineered for serious cruising and you can feel it the moment you climb aboard. We recently tested the boat in the Atlantic waters off St. Augustine, Florida. The conditions were on the light side, still the 45CC offered a surprising turn of speed and when it was time to return to the city marina the boat nimbly slipped down the inlet channel under main and cruising spinnaker.

The hull is sensibly constructed with solid fiberglass laminate from the waterline south and balsa coring in the topsides. Forward sections also contain Kevlar reinforcements for strength and fracture resistance in the advent of a collision. The hull shape features a keel stub with external lead ballast externally fastened. This method of construction serves to lower the center of gravity and actually combines the best of both worlds when it comes to the internal vs. external ballast debate. The keel stub provides a sump area in the bilge, while the external ballast offers advantages in a hard grounding. Speaking of grounding, Hunter's director of offshore testing, round-the-world sailor Steve Pettingill, does just that with every new model. "I give the people on the beach a scare, when I repeatedly run the boat aground. But we really do test these boats, we want to see how everything holds together in a real world situation," Pettingill said.

A structural grid that provides hull stiffness and internal support is bonded to the hull with Plexus, a powerful bonding agent developed for the aerospace industry that has been nicknamed "fiberglass fusion." This grid forms the basis for Hunter's completely modular construction and the process eliminates the need for secondary bonds. Once the grid is lowered into place, there is no moving it. Yes, the alignment is critical. Hunter's efficient construction techniques have been honed over the years and translate into savings for the consumer. The early days of modular construction were not always pretty, but Hunter's current boats are extremely well engineered. In addition, Hunter continues to upgrade the components used in construction and the 45CC includes fittings and materials from Lewmar, Corian, Edson, Harken, Selden, Yanmar and a host of other top manufacturers. Another standard feature sailors will appreciate is a 360-degree rubrail with a stainless guard for those times when the fenders are in the wrong spot when coming alongside.

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